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What is "license" and Why should I specified license on my work?

Specifying an open source license is critical when publishing creative works online to clearly communicate reuse rights. As an author or publisher preparing to share code or other materials on a website, you should add a software license that specifies what users can and cannot legally do with your works. Without an explicit open source license granting reuse permissions, default copyright severely limits how others can adopt or extend your public projects.

Choosing an existing open source license like MIT, GPL, Apache, etc and adding the license text or notice puts your work under standardized legal terms that authorize copying, modifications, and redistribution. Using common public licenses prevents having to re-write licenses and lets collaborators easily know their rights and usage constraints. This introduction clear legal conditions, instead of uncertainty that restricts open collaboration.

Overall, openly licensing materials intended for public use empowers global contribution build upon one's creative work. As a publisher, failing enable this openness with explicit terms introduces unwanted confusion and friction around your content. Proactively adding an open license maximizes adoption while meeting disclosure and attribution requirements. For any website focused on transparency asround legal reuse, specifying standard permissions aligns author goals with user expectations around clarity.

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